Women’s Conference 2018

Women of Action will be hosting their next women’s conference on FRIDAY, MAY 18th through SUNDAY, MAY 20th. This is a tremendous investment for all women ages 13 and over! Register HERE.

Conference Speakers: Pastor Maria Durso, Bishop Beatrice Redmond, Pastor Paula Rodriguez and Indhira Acosta

Join over 350 women who already registered for this event. Reserve your seat today!


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    Ada Zapata says

    God is so good. These conferences are so empowering. Though the world still acts in man’s world manner God’s word tells me different. I feel loved and honored being chosen by God. God was truly present at this conference. Hats off to the organizers!!!, great work. Blessings to all

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    Doris Hernandez says

    All three days of the conference were filled with blessing from above. God was present all the time. my spirit rejoiced, it was certainly a breakthrough for my life. thank you to Pastor Paula and all the speakers. looking forward for the next woman’s conference.

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