Deuteronomy 12:11 (NIV) “Then to the place the LORD your God will choose as a dwelling for his Name—there you are to bring everything I command you: your burnt offerings and sacrifices, your tithes and special gifts, and all the choice possessions you have vowed to the LORD

If God is blessing you through our ministry, we have provided you with the following options so that you may consider contributing to the expansion of the Kingdom of God through our efforts and missions projects.

You may send your voluntary contributions in an envelope via postal mail to our offices:

The Cityline Church

1510 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07305

Or utilize one of the following options to contribute electronically:

Give Online



IMPORTANT: Please note that the Pushpay option is no longer available as of March 31, 2023. We encourage you to use the top button above to GIVE ONLINE or download our new Church Center App for the Cityline Church Giving: