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Attention Parents & Guardians

REGISTER HERE for our next Parenting Workshop prepared to help all those who are raising children the formative and adolescent stages. We encourage you to share this event with others and share this blessing!

TOPIC: The Adolescent Stage


TOPIC: The Formative Years

GUEST SPEAKER: Indhira Acosta is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in Winter Park, FL. Indhira has her master’s degree in psychology, with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). She received her master’s degree at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2003, where she completed her coursework towards obtaining her Board Certification. She has experience working as a Behavior Analyst in a variety of settings including public school systems, ABA clinics, in-home services, other community settings, such as restaurants, doctor/dentist offices, and telehealth services. She is passionate about training caregivers and educators, helping them understand behavior, how it is shaped and how it is changed.

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